GRE Test Day: What are the things to bring?

As test-takers get ready for their test day, they should be aware of what items are required to be brought inside the test center. Other than those essential items, they should also be aware of prohibited items since test center employees are strict about what is not allowed inside the testing facility.

What to Bring to Your GRE General Test at a Test Center?

The list of things to bring to a GRE General Test at a test center is as follows:

  • Valid ID. A valid identification card must be brought to the testing center on the day of the GRE test.
  • A mask. Candidates may be required to wear it during their entire time at a test center and/or during a portion of it, depending on the test center policy.

Candidates who intend to take the GRE General Test must have these items with them in order to be admitted to the testing center.


What to Bring to the Computer-Based GRE?

The list of things to bring to the computer-based GRE includes the following:

  • Valid ID. Candidates who are about to take a computer-based GRE must bring a valid ID to the test center.
  • A mask. Candidates are required to bring a mask, or they will not be admitted to the site.

Test-takers may also bring extra layers, water, and healthy snacks to the GRE testing center.


What to Bring to the GRE: Paper-Based Administration?

Candidates taking the paper-based GRE test must bring the following things to the testing center:

  • Valid ID. GRE test-takers are always advised to bring a valid ID or any acceptable identification.
  • Confirmation email. Candidates are required to bring a printed confirmation email to the testing center.
  • Pencils and erasers. Test-takers are required to bring sharpened No. 2 or HB pencils and erasers. The test center might not have extra in case test-takers forget to bring their own.

Test-takers who intend to take the GRE Paper-Based test must bring the items mentioned above when they report to the testing site.


What should I bring to the test center for a GRE® Subject Test?

If you’re taking GRE Subject Test at a test center, the list of things to bring to the test center for a GRE Subject Test can be found below:

  • Valid ID. Candidates who intend to take the GRE Subject Test must present an acceptable ID to be allowed to take the exam.
  • A mask. Test-takers who are not able to bring their personal mask will not be allowed to the testing site.
  • Confirmation email. Test-takers must also present the confirmation email they received from the ETS after their registration has been processed.
  • Pencils and erasers. The testing center will not provide the candidates in case they forget to bring their own.

Candidates are responsible for bringing these items on the day of their GRE Subject Test.


What to bring to the GRE Home test?

The home-based GRE General Test is now offered by the ETS in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The list of things needed during the GRE Home test are the following:

  • Desktop or a laptop. The browser must be Chrome or Firefox. The test-takers are not allowed to use tablets or mobile phones.
  • Microphone and speakers. Candidates are only allowed to use an internal or external mic and speakers. Earphones or headsets are not allowed.
  • Camera. The camera can be built-in or external. The test-taker must be able to move the camera to show a 360-degree view of their room.
  • Space must be private. The test-taker must be alone during the GRE test. The exam cannot be taken in a public area such as cafes.
  • Workspace must be free of clutter. The tabletop surface must be clear of items that are not allowed during the test. The test-taker is also required to sit in a standard chair.
  • Clothing requirements. The test taker’s ears must be visible during the entire test. Any accessory or hat covering the ears is not allowed.

Candidates won’t be able to take their exams if their computers or testing rooms don’t meet the requirements set by ETS, and they will not receive a refund or be rescheduled free of charge.

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Is GRE strict with the prohibited things to bring during the test day?

Yes, GRE testing centers are strict about the prohibited items to bring during the test day. ETS takes test security very seriously.

What are the things prohibited in the GRE General Test Center?

The list of items that are prohibited in the GRE testing center includes the following:

  • Calculator. Test takers will only use on-screen calculators during the Quantitative section of the GRE.
  • Pieces of jewelry or accessories. Aside from engagement or wedding rings, other jewelry is prohibited.
  • Mobile phones. Any wearable gadgets that might be considered are also not allowed.

It is advised that examinees will not bring the following prohibited personal valuables listed above to avoid security problems during the test day. The test center personnel will ask the test takers to store these personal items inside a locker.

Do GRE test centers have lockers?

Yes, GRE testing centers provide lockers for storing test takers’ personal items.

What to bring to the GRE, but leave in the locker?

GRE Test Centers have lockers available to keep the personal items of examinees. Here are the recommended things to bring during GRE but must be left on the locker:

  • Water bottle. Candidates cannot bring beverages into the testing room, but they can leave them in their lockers. Drinking water is allowed during breaks and it is advisable to bring this to stay hydrated during the test day.
  • Snacks. Food or snacks are not allowed in the testing room. They must be left inside the locker. Test takers are not allowed to leave the test facility during breaks, bringing snacks to your locker will help test-takers eat during breaks.
  • Phone. Mobile phones or any gadgets are not allowed inside the testing room.

The testing center will provide the candidates with instructions regarding where to store their personal items before the test. A candidate will not be allowed to test if they fail to follow the instructions given by the test center staff.

What are the prohibited things to access in the lockers during GRE test break?

These personal items are the prohibited things to access in the lockers during GRE break time:

  • Cell phone
  • Tablet
  • Calculators
  • Dictionary

These items are not permitted inside the testing room and cannot be accessed during breaks.

Where can I find a printable checklist of things to bring to the GRE Test Center?

PrepScholar Paper GRE Checklist provides a printable guide on what candidates should/shouldn’t bring inside the GRE testing center. Test-takers can find this online by accessing their official website. Download the PDF and print or save to your cellular phone. (4)