GRE Scores For Vet School (Minimum, Average and Good)

In most veterinary schools, GRE scores are part of the requirements for admission. Hence, every vet school candidate must know what constitutes a good GRE score and what score their school is expecting. Candidates with good GRE scores and an overall solid application can boost their chances of getting into a reputable vet program.

List of Veterinarian Schools Accepting GRE

The list of veterinarian schools that accept GRE scores is as follows:

  • University of California-Davis
  • North Carolina State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Minnesota
  • Tufts University
  • Auburn University
  • Washington State University
  • Virginia Tech – University of Maryland
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Illinois-Urbana
  • Oregon State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Tuskegee University
  • Western University of Health Sciences
  • St. George’s University
  • Ross University
  • Lincoln Memorial University

The veterinary schools mentioned above accept GRE scores as part of their admission requirements.

List of Vet Schools That Don’t Require A GRE

The following vet schools do not require GRE scores for admission:

  • Cornell University
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Florida
  • Purdue University–West Lafayette
  • Iowa State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Kansas State University
  • University of Missouri
  • Mississippi State University

The GRE is currently waived for these universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants are discouraged from submitting GRE scores, as scores that fall below the minimum standard of universities might negatively impact their application.

Do GRE Scores For Vet School Really Matter?

Yes, veterinary medicine programs care about academic metrics, including the GRE.

Does a test taker need more than an average GRE score to get admitted to vet school?

No, a test taker does not need more than average GRE scores to get admitted to veterinary schools. However, having above-average scores can boost their chances of getting into a reputable veterinary program.

Can a test taker get into vet school with a low GRE score?

Yes, a test taker can get into veterinary school even with a low GRE score since vet programs tend to also look at the strength of other admissions criteria such as the test taker’s experience, GPA, essay, or letter of recommendation.

What’s an Average GRE Score For Vet School?

The list of average GRE scores for veterinary school includes the following:

Average GRE Scores For Vet School
Average Verbal GRE score154 – 158
Average Quantitative GRE score152 to 156
Average AWA Score4.0
Average Cumulative GRE Score310

The average GRE scores for veterinary school are verbal scores of 154 – 158, quantitative scores between 152 and 156, and analytical writing scores of 4.0.

What is a good GRE score for vet school?

A GRE score of 156 for verbal reasoning and 154 for quantitative reasoning is considered a good GRE score. As a rule of thumb, vet school applicants should aim for 2-3 points higher than the average GRE scores to be competitive for admission.

Top 30 Vet Programs and their Average GRE Scores

The following is a list of the top 30 veterinary programs and their respective average GRE scores:

Top 30 Vet Programs And Their Average GRE Scores
Vet School NameAverage GRE Quantitative ScoreAverage GRE Verbal Score
Auburn University 153153
Iowa State University No GRE required*
Cornell University No GRE required*
Michigan State University No GRE required*
Colorado State University 157156
NC State 155155
Kansas State No GRE required*
Ohio State 153153
Lincoln Memorial 150151
Midwestern University 152152
Louisiana State 152153
Mississippi State No GRE required*
Purdue University No GRE required*
Oklahoma State 152153
UC Davis 160158
Oregon State 154155
University of Minnesota 155156
Texas A&M 155154
University of Florida No GRE required*
Tufs 157158
University of Illinois 154153
Tuskegee 147148
University of Georgia 154155
University of Missouri No GRE required*
University of Tennessee 153155
Pennsylvania 157156
Washington State 155155
Virginia Tech No GRE required*
University of Wisconsin 156156
Western University 153152

The above chart shows the top 30 veterinary schools and their respective estimated average GRE scores.

Tips To Improve GRE Score For Vet School Admission

The tips to improve GRE scores for vet school admission are listed below

  • Determine what score is required. Vet school applicants should know what constitutes a good GRE score. They should also look up the GRE score requirements of their preferred vet school.
  • Prep for the GRE. Planning a GRE prep course is the best way for vet school applicants to improve their GRE scores. They can utilize prep courses and study resources for their preparation for the test.
  • Get adequate rest. Applicants must also have adequate rest, most especially in the couple of weeks leading up to the exam. It is to ensure that they are well-rested on the GRE test day.

Vet school applicants must also consider other admission criteria when applying to vet programs since GRE scores are not the only factor that determines vet school admission.

Will a GRE prep Course help to improve score for Vet School Admission?

Enrolling in a best gre online prep course can significantly enhance your chances of improving your score for Vet School Admission. These courses offer tailored strategies, practice tests, and expert guidance, honing your test-taking skills and familiarity with GRE content. While not all vet schools require the GRE, a strong score can bolster your application, demonstrating academic aptitude. However, remember that other factors, like GPA, experience, and recommendations, also matter. A prep course is a valuable tool, but comprehensive preparation and a well-rounded application remain crucial.



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