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The Triple Nine Society, founded in 1978, is an international high-IQ organization for adults with IQs in the 99th percentile or near-perfect score on a standardized test. This intelligence society uses IQ tests, the SAT, and the GRE as entrance criteria. This organization bases its admission decision on standardized test scores. Currently, it has 1900 members from diverse groups. Intelligence societies are groups with members considered to be intelligent people with extraordinary abilities. Another known intelligence society is Mensa. Compared to the Triple 9 Society, it has a slightly lower rank requirement in the 98th percentile.

Does Triple Nine Society accept GRE scores?

Yes, the Triple Nine Society accepts GRE scores from pre-November 2001. But scores after that period are no longer accepted.

What is the GRE score required by the Triple Nine Society?

Presented below are the qualifying GRE scores for he Triple Nine Society depending on the period it was taken:

Accepted GRE Scores at Triple Nine Society
TestQualifying Score
Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


  • combined quantitative and verbal scores
  • through September 2001
Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


  • combined quantitative, analytical, and verbal scores
  • 1982 through September 2001
Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


  • from October 2001 on
Not accepted

It can be deduced from the table above that the Triple Nine Society stopped accepting GRE scores in October of 2001. However, tests taken before that date were accepted. GRE Verbal Reasoning Score, GRE Quantitative Reasoning Score, and Analytical Score are not looked at individually by the organization. Instead, it looks at it as a whole combined score. There is also no score range provided, only a specific score. It just shows how strict it can be to admit members.

How can I improve my GRE score for Triple Nine Society?

To improve your GRE score for the Triple Nine Society, focus on targeted preparation. Identify your weak areas through practice tests, then study those topics intensely. Utilize GRE study materials, online resources, and prep courses. Develop effective time management strategies to tackle the test within the given timeframe. Regularly review and practice both quantitative and verbal sections. Seek guidance from tutors or study groups for difficult concepts. Stay disciplined, maintain a study schedule, and practice under test-like conditions. Consistent effort and a strategic approach will enhance your chances of achieving the desired GRE score for the Triple Nine Society.

will a GRE prep course improve my score for Triple Nine Society?

While a course for GRE can enhance your test-taking skills and potentially improve your score, admission to the Triple Nine Society is primarily based on high IQ test results. While a higher GRE score could be advantageous, meeting the society’s IQ threshold is crucial. Consider focusing on both IQ tests and GRE prep for a well-rounded approach to membership eligibility.

What is the basis for TNS admission?

The primary basis for Triple Nine Society admission is the required score from legitimate and known standardized tests. The applicant must submit a qualifying score on one of the recognized standardized tests to be accepted as a member of the Triple Nine Society. IQ tests, college admissions examinations, and military classification exams are some criteria for admission.

Why join Triple Nine Society?

Meeting new friends and gaining access to like-minded diverse individuals is the most common reason why people are joining Triple Nine Society. Some join to enjoy interactions. Others even join to display a framed membership certificate on a “wall of accomplishments” or wear a lapel pin with the TNS swirl logo on it.

What are the benefits of joining the Triple Nine Society?

The following advantages are available to all TNS members.

  • A 12-issue number subscription to Vidya.
  • Invitations to participate in the annual meetings and in regional meetings
  • A membership directory
  • Access to the members-only areas of the TNS website
  • Access to TNS merchandise
  • Access to a privately operated online discussion list
  • Access to High-IQ chat channels

Listed above are the benefits that members of the TNS receive.

How to join Triple Nine Society?

To join the triple nine society, follow these steps:

  1. First, look at the list of test scores to see if you are eligible for admission. Generally, all applicants must be at least eighteen (18).
  2. If eligible, fill out the membership application form on the website.
  3. Use the “Print Form” button at the bottom to take a printout of the final screen.
  4. Sign the completed and printed form.
  5. Send a copy of your Applicant and Score report to by scanning or taking a photo of the document.

If unable to email a scan or photo of documents, the printed and signed application form can still be submitted, as well as a copy of the score report indicating the qualifying test result, too:

TNS c/o Dave Stubbs

P.O. Box 99

Budd Lake, NJ, 07828


  1. A membership officer will contact you following the examination of your application.
  2. Log in using your email address and password anytime to see if your application has been approved.
  3. Once approved, pay the dues payment. An applicant can choose whether to get the print journal (Vidya) or the internet copy. The former costs $30, while the latter $10.
  4. Once approved, the profile account may be accessed through the website.

Listed above are the steps to register for Triple Nine Society. Members-exclusive content can only be accessed by logging out and back in again after the initial dues have been processed.

How can I contact Triple Nine Society?

Email messaging is the best way to contact Triple Nine Society. People can contact them at, the organization’s email, for customers’ general questions.

What are the requirements for intelligence societies?

Intelligence societies look for standardized test scores from approved intelligence tests and critical thinking skills. These organizations try their best to filter extraordinary abilities from gifted people. They often ask applicants difficult questions to test their cognitive abilities and level of intelligence.

What are high-IQ societies?

Intertel, Prometheus Society, Glia High IQ Society, Cerebrals Society Mega Society, Mensa & the Triple Nine Society are the top high-IQ societies.

Should I mention high-IQ society membership in college applications?

No, it is advised by experts not to put the IQ score or even mention membership in intelligence societies unless asked. It is believed that doing so will not help in the admission process. It is still best to only indicate the scores from the required admission tests.



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