Sending GRE scores: ScoreSelect Option

Most test takers are not satisfied or confident with their GRE scores, so they decided to retake it. A higher GRE score increases their chance of successful admission. Examinees have the liberty to choose the best scores to be sent to universities. The ScoreSelect Option is a candidate-friendly way of sending your scores. It is one of the most flexible ways of sending standardized test scores. A test-taker can decide which test scores to send, giving them more confidence to successfully apply to their dream post-graduate universities.

What is ScoreSelect on the GRE?

The GRE ScoreSelect is an option for students in choosing the best GRE scores to send to their respective graduate schools. The Education Testing Service (ETS) provided a way for test-takers to have a candidate-friendly process by providing the ScoreSelect option. In this way, examinees can showcase their best scores to universities, which increases their acceptance success. With ScoreSelect, a test taker can choose which scores they would like to submit for school application. It means that, if an examinee has taken the GRE three times, he or she has the liberty to choose if the most recent score, second score, or all scores will be sent to the institution.

How does GRE ScoreSelect work?

Scores will be viewed after taking the GRE test. After seeing the scores, an examinee has the option to send scores to four schools for free. If a test taker is not satisfied with the result, he or she may choose not to send it. After the testing date, for five years, an examinee has the option to choose a recent GRE score report, all GRE score report or a previous GRE score report.

When can a test taker use the GRE ScoreSelect option?

On the actual test day and after the test day, a GRE examinee can use the Score Select option. After viewing the score results at the test centre, test-takers can choose not to send the scores at the moment or select from different options. Score reports will be free during the test day. Apart from this, after the test day, examinees can also send the score of their choices with a corresponding fee.

What are the ScoreSelect options on GRE test day?

The GRE score select options on GRE test day are listed below:

  • Most Recent — Scores from your current test administration will be sent to your requested university.
  • All — Scores from all GRE General Test administrations in the last five years will be submitted to your requested university.

What are the ScoreSelect options on the GRE after test day?

The GRE score select options after the GRE test day are as follows:

  • Most Recent. Scores from your current test administration will be submitted to your requested university.
  • All. Scores from all GRE General Test administrations in the last five years will be sent to your requested university.
  • Any – Scores from one or as many test administrations you desire from the last five years will be submitted to your requested university.

How much does the GRE score select cost?

27$ per score recipient is the fee of an additional GRE Score Report.

Is ScoreSelect available for both GRE General and Subject Tests?

Yes, the GRE allows students to choose from any of their valid GRE General and Subject Test scores.

How Long Are GRE Scores Reportable?

Five years is the period in which GRE scores are valid and reportable.

Is it allowed if I choose a verbal score from the recent score report and a quantitative score from the old score report?

No, all of your scores in all sections from that particular date will be submitted. Mixing scores from different test dates are not allowed in the GRE ScoreSelect option.

Will schools see if I didn’t choose to send them my score for a particular GRE test date?

No, schools will only see your chosen score for a particular testing date. Schools will not know how many times you take the GRE as they will only receive one set of scores.

How Do Schools Feel About GRE ScoreSelect?

The majority of graduate schools don’t have a problem with the GRE ScoreSelect option. There are no schools requiring all GRE score records to be submitted. Institutions understand that many people take the GRE more than once. Regardless of how many times a student takes the GRE, the level of study preparation varies, which makes them accept that test takers have the choice to only send their best GRE score. However, some schools only accept a limited number of GRE scores.

What does GRE ScoreSelect mean for test-takers?

GRE ScoreSelects affects an examinee in three ways:

  • The GRE ScoreSelect option gives you control over which score schools can access. You can wait until you achieve a GRE score that you’re confident with and send it to your desired university. You don’t have to worry about a bad score affecting your postgraduate application.
  • Less Cancelling Of GRE scores. ETS has the option of cancelling the GRE score. Once you cancel scores, they will be removed from your records. ScoreSelect is a better option to avoid cancelling scores if you’re not satisfied with them. If you change your mind and end up choosing that GRE score, all records are still available for you. Take note that GRE retakes are only allowed five times within a year. The goal should be to prepare well for the GRE and achieve a competitive GRE score.

How to order additional GRE score reports?

Ordering additional GRE score reports can be done in three ways, which include:

Online order: Additional score reports can be ordered online through your ETS Account. To place an order, log in to your ETS Account and select “Send Additional Score Reports” under “Scores.” Confirm your personal information. Add the name or designated institution code for your desired schools or programs. Choose from the ScoreSelect option on your screen. Lastly, select a mode of payment to process your request. Score reports will be sent to your designated institutions approximately five business days after your request has been received.

Ordering ASRs by Mail or Fax: Fill out the Additional Score Report Request Form ( and follow the directions stated on the form. Score reports will arrive at your designated institutions approximately 10 business days after your order is placed.



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