PrepScholar GRE Prep Course Review: Things You Should Know and Is It Good?

PrepScholar is a test preparation company launched in 2013 in Cambridge, MA. It has been known for its highly-rated SAT and ACT prep courses. Then, it ventured into a GRE prep course. It is led by experts dedicated to helping students prepare for the GRE. Its team is composed of experienced instructors of top GRE scorers, PhDs and MBAs from top universities. PrepScholar claims to offer the most effective and most affordable GRE prep course in the market. The prep company guarantees students a carefully curated GRE course that will assist each student in achieving their desired GRE score [1].

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What does PrepScholar GRE offer?

PrepScholar GRE features 200+ instructional hours, full-length practice exams, and realistic practice questions with explanations that are 100% online. It also assures students of an increase in scores as high as 7 points and a money-back guarantee. Some of the features it boasts are its fully adaptive diagnostic system, features that are designed to engage and teach, and customized study plans. Lastly, it offers advanced GRE questions explained by instructors who rank the 99th percentile [2].

What are the GRE course plans offered by PrepScholar?

The GRE course plans offered by PrepScholar are the following [3]:

PrepScholar GRE Course Plans









Adaptive Diagnostic Exam




150+ Hours of Interactive Lessons and Strategies




Guided Study Plan Customized for Each GRE Student




Personalized Scoring of 4 AWA Writing Essays




300+ Hours of Skill-based Mini-Lessons for the Newest GRE




1,500+ GRE Questions Across 72 Skill Lessons: CORE




800+ GRE Questions Across 72 Skill Lessons: ADVANCED




2 Official GRE Full-Length Practice Exams (Adaptive)




Individual Progress Tracker for Key GRE Skills




20-Part, 300 Question Vocab Course and Math Cheat Sheet




Ultimate GRE Strategy and Grad School Admission Guides




7+ Point Score Increase Money Back Guarantee




Length of Course Access

5 days

1 year


PrepScholar GRE course plans are listed above. It offers two plans: Best-Selling and Lifetime. These two differ in cost, essay feedback, and length of course access. The Lifetime Plan is more expensive, has essay feedback, and may be accessed for unlimited time.

How do PrepScholar GRE course plans differ?

The content access period and cost are the only differences between PrepScholar’s GRE courses. The “Best-Selling” course is priced at $398 for a year while the “Lifetime” course costs $848 with unlimited access to content. Watch out for their discounts, because prices can go really low. For example, the $398 course can go as low as $38 while the $848 course is $345 [4].

What are PrepScholar GRE’s course delivery options?

Online with interactive lessons is the only delivery format of the PrepScholar GRE Course.

What are PrepScholar’s support options for students?

Email assistance is the only support option of PrepScholar for GRE students..

What is PrepScholar GRE’s score increase guarantee?

An improvement of 7 points on students’ GRE score is guaranteed by the PrepScholar GRE course.

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How much is the fee for PrepScholar GRE?

$398 to $848 is the price range of the GRE courses at PrepScholar. The price depends on the plan or package chosen by students.

How long is PrepScholar GRE’s course subscription?

PrepScholar’s GRE course may be accessed for an unlimited period of time.

How many practice questions does PrepScholar GRE have?

2000+ practice questions are provided by PrepScholar regardless of the GRE course plan or package chosen. The quantity of practice questions may be less than the other prep companies’, but the quality of these questions and their explanations are still impressive and helpful. PrepScholar made sure that its content, question length, and difficulty would mirror the actual GRE test questions.

How many full-length practice tests does PrepScholar GRE have?

2 full-length practice tests are provided by PrepScholar regardless of the GRE course plan or package chosen.

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How many videos does PrepScholar have?

50+ lessons in video format are provided by PrepScholar regardless of the GRE course plan or package chosen.

Does PrepScholar GRE have a free trial?

Yes, PrepScholar GRE has a full-access free trial for 5 days.

Does PrepScholar GRE offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, a money-back guarantee is offered by PrepScholar regardless of the GRE course plan or package chosen.

Does PrepScholar feature feedback on essays?

Yes, PrepScholar offers essay feedback to help students improve their writing skills in preparation for the GRE Analytical Writing section.

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Does PrepScholar have study materials for the GRE?

No, PrepScholar does not offer study materials for the GRE course.

Does PrepScholar predict GRE scores?

No, PrepScholar GRE does not feature a score predictor.

Does PrepScholar track progress in GRE courses?

Yes, PrepScholar GRE tracks students’ progress from the diagnostic test up to the last test taken during the prep course.

Does PrepScholar have a study plan?

Yes, PrepScholar GRE offers students a study plan to aid in their preparation.

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Does PrepScholar have a mobile app?

No, PrepScholar GRE does not have a mobile application. This prep course is a 100% online prep program which can be accessed from devices like a computer or mobile device through a browser.

PrepScholar GRE Review: Pros and Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the PrepScholar GRE course:

Pros and Cons of PrepScholar GRE Prep Course



Seven-point higher score guarantee

No live lessons and tutoring

Customized interactive classes that adapt to learner’s strengths and weaknesses

2 practice tests only

High-quality practice materials

Lacks resources like textbooks and flashcards

Offers a five-day all-access free trial and paid access for up to 12 months


Provides essay feedbacks


PrepScholar GRE has its advantages and disadvantages. It offers a 7-point higher score guarantee, customized interactive classes, and high-quality materials. But it has no live tutoring, lacks study resources, and has only 2 practice tests. However, another advantage is that it provides essay feedback that not all course providers have.

What are the advantages of taking the PrepScholar GRE Review?

An increase in score of as high as seven points is guaranteed by the PrepScholar GRE Prep Course to its students. This is one of the highest score increase guarantees available in the market. The prep company also offers a five-day all access free trial and paid access for as long as 1 year or even lifetime access. Compared to other prep companies, PrepScholar provides essay feedback to aid students in improving their writing skills. Lastly, PrepScholar has customized interactive classes that adapt to the learner’s strengths and weaknesses accompanied by their high-quality study materials. This adaptive technology is a feature only PrepScholar has.

What are the disadvantages of taking the PrepScholar GRE Review?

No live lessons and tutoring is one of the main disadvantages of taking the PrepScholar GRE course. This is especially a con for students who learn better with in-person or live classes with an instructor and classmates. Another disadvantage is the lack of study resources like textbooks and flashcards which are offered to other prep companies. Lastly, some students are not satisfied with their offer of only 2 full-length practice tests.

Will PrepScholar GRE raise my score?

Yes, PrepScholar may help increase your GRE score. When used wisely, the lessons and practice material will surely help in raising your score up to 7 points, as claimed by the prep company.

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Is the PrepScholar GRE worth it?

Yes, the PrepScholar GRE is worth it. With the features it offers, including great study materials with widely explained answer solutions as well as test-taking tips and strategies, PrepScholar GRE is surely a good course to help you prepare for the GRE test.