Best Private GRE Tutor Online

Students who need greater accountability and guided review while preparing for the GRE test may wish to find a tutor. Every person has a unique way of learning. Some may prefer a one-on-one learning style. Test takers decide to get a GRE tutor so they have someone to adapt to their learning style and help overcome their weaknesses. Furthermore, GRE tutoring is the best option if students can’t achieve their goal scores following an uncustomized study plan and taking mock tests alone.

Do I need to get a GRE tutor?

Yes, a GRE tutor may be required if a student requires guided review and more accountability while studying for the exam.

How much does a GRE tutor cost?

On average, $40 to $75 per hour is the GRE tutors’ fee. Other tutoring courses can charge over $150 per hour, depending on the credibility and expertise of the GRE tutor.

What are the GRE Prep tutoring options offered?

The list of GRE prep tutoring options being offered is as follows:

  • GRE 165+ Guarantee Tutoring 32 Hours. There’s a guaranteed score of 165+, prioritized GRE tutor matching, unlimited supplemental sessions, and 32 tutoring hours. The tutoring fee is 156$ hourly. To sum up the 32 hours of tutoring, this option costs $4,999.
  • GRE Comprehensive LiveOnline Tutoring 18 Hours. This tutoring option has a total of 18 tutoring hours. It does not offer a score guarantee, prioritized GRE tutor matching, and unlimited supplemental sessions. The tutoring session may include GRE Math Fundamentals. The tutorial session can be online or in person. 167$ per hour is the fee, with a total of $3,000 for 18 hours.
  • GRE Targeted LiveOnline Tutoring 10 Hours. It features a total of 10 tutoring hours. It does not offer a score guarantee, prioritized GRE tutor matching, and unlimited supplemental sessions. The tutorial session can be online or in person. The accumulated 10 hours fee is $1,800.

The available GRE Prep Tutoring courses from the Princeton Review are the options mentioned.

What company has the best GRE tutor?

The list of companies that have the best GRE tutors can be found below:

  • Trevor Klee Tutor. Trevor Klee has a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp. The GRE tutor personally scored a 170V/166Q on the GRE and is the official GRE instructor for MIT’s Laureates & Leaders program.
  • Kaplan GRE Tutoring. Kaplan’s tutoring rate is not as cheap as the other companies, but they have some good reviews and have gained a 4-star rating.
  • Varsity Tutors GRE Tutoring. Varsity has good reviews, but only for random subjects.
  • Next Step Test Prep GRE Tutoring. Next Step rated themselves 4.7 out of 5 stars, Consumer Affairs rated them 3.9 out of 5 stars, and some bad reviews are coming from Reddit.

Reviews and star ratings of each test prep company may vary depending on the sources.

The Top GRE Tutors in the USA

The following are the top GRE tutors in the USA:

  • Tutor Sam Z. A Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and extensive teaching experience are two of his qualifications. He has taught in-classroom lectures and provided online/in-person tutoring services.
  • Tutor Max Y. The GRE tutor has years of experience tutoring students for the GRE. He earned his degree from the University of Chicago and graduated with honors.
  • Tutor Dean L. Dean has more than 1000 hours of tutoring and teaching experience and is a test prep specialist for the GRE.
  • Tutor Kevin C. GRE tutor Kevin has ten years of teaching experience. His experience includes working as an editorial assistant, copy editor, university public relations writer, and teaching RCIA to college students.
  • Tutor Kalyan K. He earned his JD from Northwestern University School of Law in 2015. The GRE tutor is an expert in teaching mathematics fundamentals and strategies; he has a perfect score on the GMAT math, which is more difficult than the GRE math.

The tutoring rates may vary from one GRE tutor to another. Students interested in hiring any of the tutors mentioned above may contact (877) 999-2681.

How to Find a Great GRE Tutor

Some students prefer a guided learning style. The following guidelines will help students find a good tutor:

  • Know how to assess a tutor. Students should know what they should look for in a tutor. Some of the things to assess a GRE tutor on are the tutor’s years of experience, feedback and reviews from students, and the teaching methods of the tutor.
  • Find out where to find GRE tutors. Students can ask their trusted friends for recommendations, but this often is not enough. Hence, they should know other resources to find a GRE tutor, such as the various online service marketplaces.
  • Know the responsibilities after finding one. Students should know that a good GRE tutor can be helpful, but sometimes it is not enough. They should also work hard outside of the private sessions.

Before finally hiring a GRE tutor, students should learn how to assess a tutor, know where to find one, and understand the responsibilities that come once they have found one.

Where to Find Private Tutors

The list of where to find private tutors is as follows:

  • Online services marketplace. Some of the known companies for finding tutors include Wyzant and Varsity Tutors. Students can visit their websites to find GRE tutors they can hire.
  • Colleges/Universities within the student’s area. Students can go to a university or college nearest to them to find a private tutor.
  • Find a GRE tutor from the test prep companies. Students can also try to find a teacher from test prep companies to give one-on-one tutoring. Still, this option is not recommended since most companies discourage their teachers from giving one-on-one tutoring services.

In the case of international students who can’t find GRE tutors in their area, they may contact online tutors and ask if they can tutor over Skype. Access to top GRE tutors from afar would be possible through this service.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tutor

To find a good GRE tutor, students should consider the following criteria:

  • Consider the tutor’s experience in teaching. The tutor’s years of experience in test prepping is something that students should consider.
  • Find a GRE tutor who semi-regularly takes the GRE test. When a GRE tutor gains knowledge from experience, he or she will be much better than one who memorizes the recommendations of a test prep book.
  • Ask previous students for feedback/reviews. Previous students can share information, not on the tutor’s resume, such as the tutor’s teaching method.
  • Consider the things you’re paying for. Students must consider what’s included in their payment (i.e., materials, custom study plan).
  • Find a GRE tutor who can guarantee results. A good GRE tutor should show actual feedback from previous students. Students must look for a GRE tutor with good ratings.

Before enrolling in tutoring classes, students must be informed of what to look for in a GRE tutor.

Which is better, GRE tutors or mock tests?

GRE tutors are better than mock tests. Tutoring is the student’s best option if they cannot achieve their goal scores with the help of an uncustomized study plan and mock tests. Tutors assure that an examinee is learning effectively in a way that works for them. A GRE tutor’s accountability also encourages students to stay on track with their coursework and follow through with tasks. Lastly, mock tests only have a limited set of questions and answer explanations provided. On the other hand, GRE tutors can provide a set of questions targeted at the test taker’s weaknesses and can provide more information about the answers.

What are the benefits of getting a GRE tutor?

GRE tutors are helpful for guided preparation for the actual exam day. The list of benefits students can have when getting a GRE tutor can be found below:

  • More accountability. Getting a GRE tutor can hold students more accountable for their reviews. In a tutoring session, students discover the skills that need improvement and then practice them in the next session.
  • Guided review. Study plans can be customized to meet the needs of each student.
  • Words of encouragement. In one-on-one tutoring sessions, students can receive words of encouragement.
  • Expert guidance. GRE tutors are often individuals who have already had great success on the exam.
  • The study plan is tailored to the student’s needs. The GRE tutor can help the student to prioritize his or her weaker subjects on the GRE.

Students who need a guided review, personal words of encouragement, expert guidance, a personalized study plan, and more accountability while prepping for the test may need a GRE tutor.

Is the GRE Tutoring Service worth it and offers an improved score?

Yes, some tutoring services are worth it, and some are not. It provides an increased GRE score and gives test-takers more confidence in facing the actual GRE examination day. Hence, students should check their tutor’s reputation with former students to ensure good service.

What is the difference between a Tutor and GRE Prep Course?

A tutor and a GRE Prep Course serve the same goal of preparing students for the GRE, but they differ in approach and structure. A tutor offers personalized, one-on-one instruction tailored to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for flexible pacing and targeted feedback. In contrast, a top GRE Prep Course typically follows a structured curriculum, providing a comprehensive overview of the test with group sessions, practice tests, and materials. While courses offer standardized guidance, tutors adapt to individual needs.