How many questions are given in the GRE?

Determining the question count of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is essential for preparation. The GRE is given in two ways. The paper-delivered GRE is a physical exam at test centers. On the other hand, computer-adaptive tests are administered only in areas where the computer GRE is unavailable. There are no major changes to both exams. Paper-delivered and computer-adaptive tests contain the same structure, content, and scoring scales. The major difference is the number of questions. Discover how many questions you expect to see on the test day and how many problems you should get right.

What is the total question count of GRE?

82 questions is the total number of GRE computer-delivered questions. Additionally, there’s a probability of answering 20 more questions in the unscored sections.

How Many Questions Does GRE Computer Delivered contain?

Here is the complete list of GRE-Computer delivered questions:

Computer Delivered GRE Question Count
Section# of QuestionsTime Allotted
Analytical Writing21 hour total (30 mins per question)
Verbal Reasoning2 sections of 20 questions; 40 total1 hour total (30 mins per section)
Quantitative Reasoning2 sections of 20 questions; 40 total1 hour 10 mins total (35 mins per section)
Experimental1 section, 20 questions35 minutes (if Quant), 30 minutes (if Verbal)

The table above shows the breakdown of question counts in different sections of the GRE. A total of 82 questions is expected, but there’s a probability that a test taker will answer 20 or more questions. The total time allotted to answer the standardized exam is 3 hours and 35 minutes.

How many GRE analytical writing questions are there?

2 essay questions must be answered in GRE analytical writing. One set of 30 minutes is given to analyze an issue, and another set of 30 minutes is given to analyze an argument.

How many verbal questions are present in the computer-adaptive GRE?

The total number of questions on the GRE Verbal Reasoning section is 40. For each of the two sections, a Graduate Record Examination test taker has 20 questions to answer in 30 minutes. with a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes of allotted time to answer the section.

How many GRE quantitative reasoning questions are there?

The 40 math questions comprise the GRE Quantitative reasoning section. Split into two 20-question sections, an examinee is given 35 minutes of testing time to provide the correct answers.

How many extra unscored questions are there in the GRE Experimental Section?

According to ETS, the number of extra questions in experimental sections varies. However, previous test-takers and millions of students said that 20 additional questions appeared after the analytical section. The experimental section of the GRE is completely unmarked and ungraded from the scoring process. After the Analytical Writing section, it will appear to be either a verbal or a quantitative question, but it will not be identified. There’s no way to tell if you’ve taken an experimental section of a verbal or quantitative portion of the test. The fact that you have three verbal sections at the end of your test does indicate that one of the verbal sections was experimental, but it won’t tell you which one. ETS does this in order to test new questions in a controlled environment.

How many extra questions for the research section?

The number of research questions in the GRE varies. Even if it is certain that the GRE unscored research section appears at the very end of the exam, the number of additional research questions and the difficulty level are unknown.

How many questions are on the paper-delivered GRE?

In the paper-delivered section, the GRE format is slightly different. There are more question types in analytical writing, the quantitative section, and the verbal section. The paper-delivered exam doesn’t contain unscored comprehensive questions like experimental or research sections. Below is the breakdown of the questions:

Paper-delivered GRE Question Count
SectionNumber of QuestionsTime
Analytical Writing21 hr total; 30 minutes per essay
Verbal Reasoning50; 2 sections of 25 questions1 hr 10 mins total; 35 minutes per section
Quantitative Reasoning50; 2 sections of 25 questions1 hr 20 mins total; 40 mins per section

The table above shows the quantity of correct questions for the paper-delivered exam. In comparison with the GRE computerized program, an additional number of 10-13 questions is required.

How many questions on the GRE are important?

All of the 102 questions on the GRE are essential. If an examinee wishes to have a higher scaled score, he or she must not miss any questions. The more answers to questions, the higher the probability of obtaining higher official scores.

How many questions do you have to get right?

However, it’s tricky to say exactly how many correct answers equate to a given scaled score from 130–170. The GRE is a section-adaptive test, which makes it difficult to assess. Each question doesn’t correspond to a 1 point correct answer. In other words, your performance in the first section dictates the level of difficulty in the second section. Basing it on the approximate number of questions for different difficulty levels, the list below shows the average correct answers an examinee should get:

  • If you wish to get a 165-170 score for quantitative reasoning, aim for at least 17 accurate answers out of 20 questions.
  • If 160-165 is your goal score for quantitative reasoning, hit at least 15 accurate answers out of 20 questions.
  • If you wish to get a 165-170 score for verbal reasoning, aim for at least 15 accurate answers out of 20 questions.
  • If 160-165 is your score goal for verbal reasoning, hit at least 12 accurate answers out of 20 questions.

Do GRE Prep Courses cover all questions?

GRE preparation courses aim to provide comprehensive coverage of the material tested on the GRE. While they cover a wide range of topics and question types that students might encounter, it’s unrealistic to expect any course to cover every possible question variation. Instead, these courses equip students with strategies, foundational knowledge, and practice opportunities to tackle the majority of questions confidently. It’s always advisable to supplement prep courses with self-study to address personal weaknesses.



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