Manhattan Prep GRE Course Review: Does It Guarantee Higher Score and Money Back Guarantee?

Manhattan Prep GRE Course

Manhattan Prep GRE is one of the prominent GRE prep courses available on the market. They feature a variety of course options, comprehensive study materials, and realistic practice tests that aim to help students succeed in GRE. Unlike other test prep companies, Manhattan Prep does not feature a refund policy or an increased score guarantee.

Which Students Are Ideal Users for the Manhattan GRE Prep Course?

The Manhattan Prep GRE is best suited for the following types of students:

  • For aspiring MBA students. Manhattan Prep offers a GRE prep course made especially for students who are planning to apply to business schools. The course, GRE Prep for MBA, puts a greater emphasis on the quantitative content.
  • For students who prefer studying with hardcopy books. Many students value having hardcopy prep books, and fortunately, Manhattan Prep includes a comprehensive collection of hardcopy books with the purchase of its Just Math, Complete, and GRE for MBA courses.
  • For students seeking a more flexible set of course options. Manhattan Prep provides self-paced courses, tutoring services, in-person lectures, and even Quant-focused prep courses.

With the wide selection of course options offered on Manhattan Prep GRE, the platform appears to be suited for any type of learner.

What are the study resources of Manhattan GRE Prep Course?

The following are the study resources offered by Manhattan Prep GRE:

  • Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides. The book series contains eight Manhattan Prep GRE books, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the exam.
  • 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems. Manhattan Prep GRE offers hard copy books containing over 2,000 problems with easy-to-follow explanations.
  • Manhattan Prep GRE mobile app. The mobile application offered by Manhattan Prep gives students the opportunity to study on-the-go.
  • GRE flashcards. There are GRE flashcards available to help students improve their vocabulary skills.
  • GRE Practice Exams. Manhattan Prep features GRE practice tests designed to reflect the actual GRE.

The 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems is available when students enroll in the Complete, GRE for MBA, and Just Math courses. Students also receive strategy books for both the Verbal and Quant section.

How many Manhattan GRE Books are available?

There are eight Manhattan Prep GRE prep books available, each concentrating on a different area of the GRE test:

  • Algebra
  • Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
  • Geometry
  • Number Properties
  • Word Problems
  • Quantitative Comparisons & Data Interpretation
  • Reading Comprehension & Essays
  • Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence

The first six books cover the GRE’s Quantitative Reasoning components, while the latter two books cover the Verbal Reasoning section topics.

What Is the Format of the Manhattan GRE Books?

The Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides is based on a series format. The first six books tackle the Quantitative Reasoning component of the GRE, while the latter two books cover the Verbal Reasoning component. Moreover, the Reading Comprehension and Essays book contains information for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE.

Pros and Cons of Manhattan GRE Books

Here are the pros and cons of the Manhattan GRE Books:

Comprehensive quantitative sectionCan be expensive
Uses a direct voice (promotes student participation)Increased emphasis on vocab is unnecessary.
Keeps the language simpleSome practice questions are too simple

Manhattan GRE Books does deliver on most of its objectives, allowing students to use it as a significant resource for GRE test prep. There are a few drawbacks, but they are minor and if cost is a concern, students have the choice to purchase each guide separately.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Manhattan Prep GRE Books

Here are some tips in getting the most out of the Manhattan Prep GRE Books:

  • Figure out which topic areas should be prioritized. Prioritizing the Manhattan GRE books that cover the areas where the student needs to improve the most ensures that the studying is more efficient and focused.
  • Students must prioritize studying areas they’re particularly weak in. The Manhattan Prep GRE books dig into comprehensive detail that if the student studies a subject they are already fairly knowledgeable of, they’ll end up wasting a lot of time.
  • Supplement the books with the practice tests. Official practice tests must be used to supplement the information obtained from GRE textbooks.

How important is it to go through the Manhattan GRE books hard question sets for the revised GRE preparation?

If the student is aiming for a score of 165 or more, it is critical to go through the Manhattan GRE books’ hard question sets. It usually depends on the kind of score the student is aiming at.

What are the User Experience and Interface of Manhattan GRE Prep Course?

The following are the user experience and interface of Manhattan Prep GRE:

  • Clean and professional appearance. Manhattan Prep GRE’s dashboard has a clean and professional look which allows students to quickly and easily access the information they came to the portal for.
  • Fast response. Manhattan Prep’s user interface works fast. You don’t need to deal with laggy and poor interfaces that can be really frustrating.
  • Simple to use. Removing unnecessary elements to the user interface makes the portal easier to navigate.

The general user experience and interface of the online content of Manhattan Prep GRE is first-rate. The dashboard features a simple and professional appearance, as well as good responsiveness.

What are the Manhattan GRE Prep Course tutoring packages?

Manhattan Prep GRE features the following private GRE tutoring packages:

  • Pay by the hour package. This tutoring package requires students to enroll for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • 10-hour package. The 10-hour program starts at about $245 per hour (10 hours = $2,450) and becomes increasingly cheaper as students go up to 30 hours.

In comparison to the tutoring packages of other prep companies, Manhattan Prep’s private tutoring programs tend to be more pricey. However, despite the high cost, Manhattan Prep tutoring is of good quality given that the instructors are all top 1% scorers on the GRE and have been verified by Manhattan Prep to be exceptional communicators.

What are the Course Options in Manhattan GRE Prep Course?

Here are the course options offered by the Manhattan Prep GRE:

  • Complete Course. This is ideal for students who are just starting their GRE journey, and want to improve their skills in all sections of the exam.
  • GRE for MBA. This course is perfect for students who are planning to apply for business programs.
  • Private Tutoring. This is ideal for students who want comprehensive guidance and personalization in their GRE prep program.
  • On Demand (Interact). This course is great for students who have other time commitments and want a flexible, self-paced GRE preparation.
  • Foundations of GRE Math. This is great for students who want to understand the principles of GRE Math in the shortest amount of time possible.

Manhattan Prep offers a variety of courses to students. Regardless of how they choose to learn or how much time they have before test day, Manhattan Prep has a course for that.

How many practice problems do students get with Manhattan Prep?

100,000+ practice problems are offered by Manhattan Prep in their GRE preparation courses. Aside from that, they also offer six full-length adaptive tests.

What is the accuracy of the Manhattan GRE Practice tests?

Manhattan GRE Practice Tests are remarkably similar to the real GRE. The level of Manhattan’s Verbal Reasoning is consistent with the actual GRE’s Verbal level. According to reviews from former students, ETS POWERPREP ® is the closest they can get to the actual GRE, and Manhattan comes in second.

Does Manhattan GRE Prep Course have live GRE classes?

Yes, Manhattan Prep GRE offers courses with live classes. Among their courses that offer the live GRE classes are the Complete, and the MBA-focused prep programs.

Does Manhattan offer a refund policy on their GRE Prep course?

No, Manhattan Prep GRE does not offer a refund policy to its students. Deposits and other fees for all courses, private coaching, workshops, product sales, and other transactions are all not refundable. The company explained that they don’t provide refunds due to the proprietary nature of their resources, limited class size, instructor scheduling/booking costs, and their own administrative expenditures.

How long is the content access period of Manhattan GRE Prep Course?

The content access period depends on the course package the student purchases. For the On Demand package (Interact course), the student can get 1 up to 6 months of access depending on the type of plan they buy (1-, 3- and 6-month packages are being offered for Interact). All other course options have a live class component, however, the student can get up to 6 months of content access.

Does Manhattan have a GRE App for mobile devices?

Yes, Manhattan has a GRE application available to use for mobile devices. The application is included with the complete course, but students can also purchase it individually. The mobile app costs $10 for one month, $20 for three months, and $30 for a year. The app features quizzes, vocabulary flashcards, practice questions with detailed answer explanations, drills, test-taking and study strategies, progress tracker, and in-depth statistics that display student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Is Manhattan harder than the actual GRE?

No. Although Manhattan practice tests are very helpful in preparing the students for the difficulty level of the actual GRE, it does not accurately mimic the real test. However, for some students, the Quantitative section may be slightly more difficult and time-consuming in Manhattan practice tests.

How close is Manhattan GRE Prep Course material to the actual tests?

Manhattan Prep GRE is pretty similar to the actual test, although it does not accurately mimic the real GRE. Some students claim that Manhattan Quant parts are more time-consuming and difficult. Some even performed better, if not the same, on the quant portion of the GRE than they did in Manhattan.

Does Manhattan GRE Prep Course Provide Better Score or Money Back Guarantee?

No, Manhattan Prep does not feature a refund policy or an increased score guarantee. The no refund policy applies to all kinds of payments including deposits and course fees, private tutoring, workshops, product sales, and other transactions.

Is Manhattan GRE Prep Course GRE prep worth it?

Yes, Manhattan Prep courses are worth it and excellent for GRE test preparations. It can get pricey, but overall, it is a good study prep resource. Manhattan Prep has a course for everyone, no matter how they choose to learn, how much time they have before test day, or if they want to study independently or with the assistance of trusted instructors.

Manhattan GRE Prep Course GRE Review Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of having the Manhattan Prep GRE course:

Study materials are comprehensiveCourses can get expensive
Free GRE resourcesNo free mobile app
More practice problemsNo money-back and score increase guarantee

Manhattan Prep GRE has its advantages and disadvantages. Although it has a slightly higher cost than other GRE prep courses, it’s still a good investment for GRE preparation. If in doubt, trying out the free resources is a great way to find out what the course will be like before enrolling.

Are there other GRE Prep courses apart from the Manhattan course?

Yes, apart from the Manhattan GRE Preparation course, there are several other GRE preparation courses available. These include Kaplan, Magoosh, Princeton Review, and ETS’s own official guide, among others. Each offers a range of resources, from practice tests to comprehensive study materials, catering to different learning styles and budgets. It’s essential to research and choose the one that best fits your needs.