Achievable GRE Prep Course Review: Does It Guarantee Higher Score and Money Back Guarantee?

Achievable GRE Prep Course Review

Achievable may just be the ideal GRE preparation course for students looking for a budget-friendly course, an innovative approach for test prep, and a modern platform. Achievable prides itself as the only GRE test prep provider that uses memory science technology in its course program, and they also offer a refund policy and have one of the best score guarantee standards in the industry.

Which Students Are Best Fit for the Achievable GRE Prep Course?

The Achievable GRE is best suited for the following type of students:

  • For students who want a budget-friendly GRE prep course. Achievable GRE is one of the most budget-friendly courses available in the market.
  • For students who prefer a program with a score guarantee. Among all GRE test prep companies, Achievable offers one of the highest minimum score improvement guarantees.
  • For students who want a course with a whole year of access. Although some students only need a shorter time to prepare for and pass the GRE, many would still opt for a prep course with a full year of access.

If students are dissatisfied with the program for any reason, Achievable will provide a complete refund within seven days of purchase.

What are the study resources of the Achievable GRE Prep Course?

The following are the study resources offered by Achievable GRE:

  • Online textbook. A comprehensive online textbook is provided by Achievable GRE to its students. It is simple to read, mobile-friendly and includes a detailed breakdown of sample questions.
  • Quantitative question bank. Students can prepare for the quantitative section by practising with an unlimited number of GRE quantitative questions. According to Achievable, this is supported by memory tracking to help students in studying effectively.
  • Verbal/reading comprehension questions. Achievable also provides their students with 200+ hand-crafted verbal/reading comprehension questions.

When students enrol in the Achievable GRE, they have access to all of these study resources.

Does the Achievable GRE Prep Course offer Classes Or Video Lessons?

No, Achievable does not offer any video lessons or live classes because the course only revolves around Achievable’s digital textbook. Interactive text is the foundation of the student’s content review and instructional work if they enrol in this program.

How do AI-scored questions of the Achievable GRE Prep Course work?

Achievable GRE grades the essays with machine learning the way ETS does. This means that automated essay scoring is being used to score student responses. Automated essay scoring refers to the utilization of specialized computer programs to score essays submitted by students.

How effective is the Achievable GRE Prep Coursework?

Achievable’s high passing rate speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their courses. There are many positive reviews for the Achievable Prep Course from individuals who were able to ace their GRE examinations. For students who want to see these reviews, they are available on the Achievable my reviews page.

What is the cost of an Achievable GRE Prep Course?

For $199, prospective GRE test takers can already enrol in Achievable’s GRE prep course. In contrast to other prep providers who have 5 or more options to choose from, Achievable only offers one prep package.

How does the Achievable GRE Prep Course Free Trial Work?

Achievable GRE offers free access to their study materials for a trial period. Even if students have not yet signed up, there is a free preview of the introductory chapters for many of the topics. Achievable’s free content should be sufficient for students to determine whether the course is suitable for them.

Does Achievable GRE Prep Course offer a refund policy on their GRE review course?

Yes, Achievable GRE has a refund policy because they are confident that students are going to enjoy their course. If the student is unhappy with their purchase for any reason, Achievable gives a complete refund within the first 7 days.

How long is the content access period of the Achievable GRE Prep Course?

Achievable GRE course has a 12-month content access period. While some students may only require two months to prepare for and achieve their GRE target score, it’s wonderful to have a prep course choice that offers a full year of access available in the market.

Does Achievable GRE Prep Course have a GRE App for mobile devices?

No, Achievable GRE does not offer any mobile applications. However, their platform is very mobile-friendly because its designers prioritized the mobile layout. Achievable students can expect a user interface that looks clean, modern, and intuitive even on their mobile.

Is the Achievable GRE Prep Course harder than the actual GRE?

No. Achievable claims that their test problems are just right, and that they have constructed simulated tests that replicate the actual difficulty of the test as precisely as possible.

How close is Achievable GRE Prep Course material to the actual tests?

Achievable claims that they have created simulated tests that are as close to the actual difficulty of the GRE test as possible.

Does Achievable GRE Prep Course Provide Better Score or Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Achievable GRE offers a refund policy and a score guarantee. If a student is dissatisfied with their purchase for any reason, Achievable will provide a full refund within the first 7 days. The score guarantee, on the other hand, features a 7-point increase.

Is Achievable GRE Prep Course prep worth it?

Yes, Achievable is a good value for less than $200. Both interactive textbooks and practice materials are great, and there are many positive reviews from students who were able to ace their GRE tests after taking the course.

Achievable GRE Prep Course Review Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of having the Achievable GRE prep course:

Price is budget-friendlyNo video lessons
No signing up required in the course trialNo live classes
Modern platformOnly a single course option

Enrolling in the Achievable GRE has its advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, they are budget-friendly, offer a hassle-free course trial, and have a modern user interface platform. On the negative side, Achievable GRE doesn’t offer video lessons and live classes and only has a single course option.