GRE Grammar Preparation 2023: The Top Online Books and Resources to Improve Prep

Most universities require candidates who want to pursue postgraduate studies to submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores. Of course, one should obtain good scores to impress the admissions committee. Two sections of the test are the verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections. These two both involve the use of grammar. That’s why having a solid understanding of English grammar will be a great help in acing the GRE.

What are the top grammar books and resources for the GRE?

Listed below are the most sought study materials for learning English grammar in preparation for the GRE:

  1. The Purdue Owl. This is a very helpful academic resource for improving one’s grammar. It covers topics including subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and articles. The book will be very useful for the analytical writing portion.
  2. Grammar Girl. It is an online website that tackles common topics and misconceptions about English grammar with a twist. Grammar girl is perfect for those who get bored with learning the essential grammar rules because it uses funny templates and witty tips.
  3. The University of Illinois’s Center for Writing Studies’ Grammar Handbook. If there is one book on this list that is a must-read, this is probably that book. This is because it is one of the most renowned English grammar books, and it provides the best grammar testing. Students have found this book to be useful for the analytical writing segment.
  4. George Washington University’s ESL Study Hall Grammar. This is one of the online resources available, especially for non-native English speakers, to learn the basic grammar tips and key grammar rules by using quizzes and puzzles.
  5. The, Grammar Comics. This website offers lessons on common mistakes made by candidates. The comic strips are engaging enough to study in spare time.

These are the top five grammar books and resources that help candidates prepare for the GRE General Test.

Will studying grammar be helpful for increasing scores on the GRE?

Yes, studying grammar in preparation for the GRE will help increase the score. Knowledge of the essential grammar rules will be very helpful in the verbal reasoning section since it tests one’s reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

What is GRE grammar preparation composed of?

Development of grammar concepts, as well as the acquisition of proper punctuation and grammar rules are what comprises grammar practices for the GRE.

How important is English grammar for your GRE scores?

For the GRE, it is vital to have an advanced understanding of English grammar. Acquiring enough knowledge and skills in English is helpful for answering the verbal questions and the reasoning and critical thinking sections. To ace the GRE, the pivotal role of English grammar shouldn’t be ignored.

What improved when studying for the GRE grammar practice tests?

In grammar practice, verbal skills, reading comprehension skills, and even analytical writing skills are targeted in grammar practice. Grammar practice also teaches test-taking strategies, particularly on the three types of questions in the verbal reasoning section: reading comprehension, sentence equivalence, and blank text completion questions. These three sections necessarily require significant GRE grammar practice.

Is studying grammar important for the GRE?

Yes, it is important to review the basics and the dos and don’ts of the English language. GRE grammar practice is extremely beneficial to both native and non-native speakers. It is a great tool since most prep books or English grammar books have detailed answer explanations for students’ better understanding.

How to excel in grammar for the GRE?

To ace the GRE vocabulary practice, follow these basic grammar tips for the preparation and test day:


  • Read English grammar books to refresh your knowledge of the basics and even secondary concepts that would be helpful.
  • Answer GRE verbal reasoning practice questions. Utilize the resources available to you and understand the rationale behind the answers.
  • Be familiar with highfalutin words, their definitions, and their use in a sentence.

Test Day:

  • Establish a point of view in every sentence of the essay.
  • Don’t use the same word twice. It must be concise and to the point.
  • Substitute third-person pronouns for first-person pronouns.
  • Avoid common conversational expressions.

These steps will help solidify one’s understanding of language rules needed to know when constructing GRE essays and answering verbal questions. Be sure to assess one’s own personal strengths and weaknesses in English grammar.

Do GRE prep Courses help with grammar?

GRE Prep Courses primarily focus on the sections of the GRE exam: Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical Writing. While they don’t exclusively teach grammar, the Verbal and Analytical Writing sections do require a strong grasp of English language rules. Therefore, these courses often include grammar reviews to help students improve their sentence construction and clarity in written responses. Investing in a excellent GRE Prep Course can indirectly bolster one’s grammar skills.