GRE Prep Courses: The Best, Free Programs, and Guide 2022

The GRE General Test is one of the main requirements at most universities for graduate programs. The score obtained on this test helps the admissions committee decide whether to admit an applicant or not. That’s why applicants exert effort and devote time to reviewing for this examination. This is to help increase their mastery and knowledge of the subjects and skills tested. One way to do this is by enrolling in a prep program. Actually, numerous prep companies now prepare students to develop verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. This prep industry is expanding as more prep companies open in the hopes of providing effective prep for students.

Are there GRE prep courses?

Yes, there are GRE preparation courses available in the market. There are so many kinds that offer different features at different costs.

Are there online GRE prep courses?

Yes, there are GRE preparation courses that are only available online. Availability of online prep course means that students do not need to go to a school or review center to attend classes. Through online courses, students may review in the comfort of their homes or other places they can focus.

Are there free GRE prep courses?

Yes, there are free GRE preparation courses and study materials available online.

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Are there affordable GRE prep courses?

Yes, there are affordable GRE preparation courses. Students can now choose the perfect course that suits their budget and needs since there is a wide range of preparation programs available On the market.

Are GRE prep courses worth it?

Yes, GRE prep courses are worth it. Test preparation courses are advantageous for students, especially those who prefer an organized study environment.

Will a GRE prep course help raise my score?

Yes, GRE preparation courses can help raise an examinee’s score. Significant improvements to one’s GRE score can happen when a preparation course is taken versus not taking one. It is due to the reason that prep courses help examinees understand the mistakes and teach them how to avoid committing the same errors in the future. It also allows one to become familiar with the question types and testing environment.

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What are the GRE prep courses?

The GRE preparation courses are listed below:

  • Achievable GRE
  • Economist GRE Tutor
  • EMPOWER Test Prep
  • examPAL GRE
  • GREedge GRE Preparation Courses Online
  • Kaplan GRE Prep
  • Magoosh GRE Prep
  • Manhattan Prep
  • PowerScore GRE Prep
  • PrepScholar GRE Prep Courses
  • Target Test Prep: GRE Test Prep
  • Testmasters GRE Prep Course
  • The Princeton Review
  • Veritas Prep Classes

Listed above are GRE prep courses that are helpful in preparation for the examination. To obtain the most significant benefit from these courses, prepare for the longest period of time possible. Also, make sure to be persistent, hardworking, and focus on areas where improvement is needed.

Should I take a GRE prep course?

Yes, taking a GRE prep course is helpful. GRE test prep courses can contribute to knowing how and where to spend time wisely. It also showed significant gains in a test taker’s GRE scores.

How do GRE prep courses help you prepare for the test?

By providing structured study plans, a wide range of practice questions, and full-length practice tests, these are ways GRE prep courses help you prepare for the test. It also supports an examinee identify and focus on their strengths and weaknesses.

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How much does the GRE prep course cost?

$179 to $449 is the price range of GRE prep courses.

How long are most GRE prep courses?

1 to 2 months is the average duration of GRE preparation courses. This actually varies depending on the time an examinee is willing to devote and on the examinee’s goal score.


Who needs a GRE prep course?

Students who like a structured study environment need a GRE prep course. This will help them have a study plan for the test and stick to it. Some students also prefer to have resources crafted by GRE experts to guide them through the preparation process. Students should enroll in the course that best fits their learning style and study schedule. This way, study resources won’t go to waste, and study progress will really be observed. Students’ academic strengths must also be taken into consideration, as well as the effective strategies that would certainly help them in preparation.

What are the factors to consider in choosing a GRE prep course?

The factors to consider in choosing a GRE prep course are the following:

  • Price
  • Score Increase Guarantee
  • Number of Practice Questions and Exams
  • Format
  • Course Content and Features
  • Score Predictor
  • Study Plan
  • Study Materials and Resources
  • Support Options

The list above shows the factors one must consider when choosing a GRE prep course. But, of course, it is also essential to look for a GRE course that helps a test taker stay motivated and on schedule.

What are the benefits of a GRE prep course?

The benefits in taking a GRE prep course are listed below:

  • It provides structured study plans.
  • It helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • It demonstrates tried-and-true learning strategies.
  • Provides comprehensive explanations and analysis
  • External motivation from other prospective test-takers


How do GRE prep courses differ?

These prep programs differ in features, including a free trial, months of access, price, score guarantee, prep books, number of practice questions, hours of video lessons, and hours of instruction. These also differ in the mode of instruction; online instruction, one-on-one tutoring, and in-person classes. But all of them claim to have expert instructors who lead their classes. They explain the difficult concepts simply through an expert instructor. Basically, every course provider offers something unique, something that others do not offer. Each one has its own pros and cons. Some may be more expensive than others. Basically, the perfect program depends on the needs of the examinee.

How effective are online GRE preparation courses?

Truth be told, online classes are not for everyone. Some students still prefer offline classes where one can get personal attention. In offline coaching, the opportunity to ask topics which are misunderstood could be easily clarified with the mentor. But for some, online classes work for them as long as the discipline and hard work are present.

Do I need a GRE prep course?

It depends. Though there are numerous advantages to taking a preparation course, there are still disadvantages that show that it is not for everyone. Budget and study attitudes and habits are the top factors to consider when deciding in taking a prep course.


What are GRE prep courses inclusive of?

Every prep GRE review differs. Prep companies do their best to serve the needs of each type of student. Hence, having different course plans. Listed below are the features that could be included in the GRE prep courses:

  • Video lessons.

For online classes, there are recorded lessons and video tutorials. Since a video explanation is recorded, students can pause it whenever they like and watch it again if there are concepts that they do not quite understand. Meanwhile, there are also live interactive videos and interactive lessons. In every video, a detailed explanation is provided.

  • Score guarantee

Because prep companies are confident in their services, a score improvement guarantee is usually one of the main features in most course plans. This means that if a student takes a certain course plan, it is guaranteed that he/she will increase his/her diagnostic score by a certain number of points.

  • Money-back Guarantee.

In relation to the score guarantee, companies offer a money-back guarantee. For example, a company assures a student of a 5-point score improvement guarantee in their chosen plan. If the student does not achieve this score, the company will refund the student’s review fee.

  • Sample questions

To make sure that students are familiar with the types of questions, quiz questions are presented to them most of the time. Some prep courses even offer thousands of questions. Similar to the actual exam, multiple-choice questions are also used.

  • Practice Exams

Full-length practice exams are administered to students, so they get the feel and experience of the actual exam. Sometimes they are also timed, similar to the test, which lasts almost 4 hours. There are also adaptive practice exams for the computer-delivered GRE test. Nearly all, if not all, programs also administer a diagnostic test before starting any class. Anyhow, whether it is for the paper-based or computer-adaptive tests, practice drills are vital in a prep course. For some, it is a non-negotiable feature.

  • Practice materials

A study material can be obtained only if the selected course includes it. When companies do, they try to offer the best at a great price. This may consist of prep books, flashcards, and workbooks. There are also online resources like an online textbook curated by in-house GRE experts. Sometimes there are also instructional materials provided.

  • Tutoring options

There are different modes of instruction available. It can be one-on-one tutoring/private tutoring, in-person classes, or self-paced course/self-guided course.

  • Test-taking strategies

More than just knowledge, test-taking strategies are enhanced in preparation courses. Not everyone is gifted with test-taking skills. That is why it is essential for them to be developed by taking numerous tests and through expert advice.

  • Study Guide

A personalized study plan for every student is a feature offered by some programs. This provides a comprehensive guide to what each student should study. This is based on their personal strengths and weaknesses, which will be a huge help in focusing on the areas that need improvement.

  • Expert Assessments

This is especially applicable to the analytical writing section. Here, students receive expert essay reviews on the passages they have written.

  • 7-day free trial

These are the features offered by preparation programs. Because of the wide range of options, students can choose whichever meets their needs. There are also a lot of affordable options now for less fortunate students. A 7-day free trial is also available for some, which is helpful if a student is uncertain whether a course is the right one for them or not.