Home Based GRE General Test: Taking the GRE Exam Online

The GRE General Test online exam was conducted in response to the coronavirus pandemic last March 27, 2020. The GRE General Test at home is conducted in the test taker’s house. A human proctor online monitors all home tests through ProctorU. It is available worldwide except in Mainland China and Iran.

What happens on the examination day of the home-based GRE?

On the day of the GRE online exam, test-takers are required to bring their identification documents. The whole test session is being recorded by ProctorU. A human proctor will oversee the entire session to ensure correct and honest testing procedures. The proctor assigned could be male or female. An artificial intelligence (AI) technology will also inspect to help ensure test security. LogMeIn chat or voice communication can be used to ask queries to the proctor. A blue owl will bounce up and down if the proctor replies or gives instruction.

Does GRE home-based exam have breaks?

Yes, the online GRE test follows the same process as paper-based GRE exam, a 10-minute break after section 3 will be given to test takers. Leaving the room is allowed after informing the proctor via chat. Taking cellular phones during the 10-minute break will result in the cancellation of scores.

Is it a live video chat with the proctor?

No, the proctor for the online GRE exam is only available via text-based chat. The proctor sees the examinee’s video and listens to his on-voice queries. Generally, the communication will occur through the ProctorU chat window.

How to check-in for the home-based GRE test?

The steps to check-in for an online GRE exam are as follows:

  1. On your appointment time, Log in to ProctorU and click “Start Session”.
  2. Next, download and install the ETS Secure Test Browser on the computer or laptop used.
  3. Download and install the ProctorU extension.
  4. Run the ProctorU equipment check to assess your computer.
  5. After the computer checking, click “agree” to allow the test session to be recorded.
  6. Take a photo with your ID as required by the software.
  7. The proctor will send instructions to the chatbox.
  8. Show your area desk and the 360-degrees space around the room.
  9. Present your whiteboard in back and front angles.
  10. Show the proctor your cellphone and place it to a far reach.
  11. Then, the proctor will launch the ETS Test browser and enter the ETS ID and password for access.

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What equipment do I need for the home-based GRE test?

The equipment you need for the GRE online exam are:

  • Computer. Desktop or laptop computer with Windows 10 or 8 operating system. For Mac users, OX 10.5 or higher is required. The computer or laptop should have chrome and firefox browsers.
  • Camera. Built-in camera or webcam extension that can be moved to 360-degrees for room test checking.
  • Speaker. Internal or external speaker to hear the proctor.
  • Microphone. Internal or external microphone for better communication with the proctor.
  • Whiteboard. Extra sheets of paper aren’t allowed during the online GRE test. Whiteboard is used as a substitute.
  • Marker. Whiteboard markers are used for note-taking and problem solving during the exam.

What are the environment requirements of the online GRE test?

The environmental requirement when taking GRE online test are as follows:

  • Private room. The test taker must be alone in the testing room with no one else entering during the exam.
  • Clear tabletop and seating. The desktop or laptop must be placed on a tabletop surface. Unnecessary things are not allowed in the surrounding test area.

What are the common technical issues during the home GRE Test Day?

The top 4 common technical issues that could happen during online GRE tests are:

  • Power Interruption. Call Proctor U at 1-855-772-8678 to assist you with the reschedule. (2)
  • Microphone Disfunction. Notify the proctor via the LogMeIn chat function and inform them regarding the problem. (2)
  • Lost Internet Connection. In case the internet connection was interrupted for more than 20 minutes, call the ProctorU at 1-855-772-8678 for assistance. (2)
  • Internet Connection Temporarily Disconnected. The test taker will be automatically reconnected to the proctor when the connection is restored.

How to prepare for the home-based GRE test?

In order to prepare for the home-based GRE test, follow these tips:

  • Make sure that all equipment is working properly.
  • Run a ProctorU Equipment Check (1) and fix all issues.
  • Close all browsers not needed for the test.
  • Remove all unnecessary items from the test area.
  • Gather all the materials you need like an identification card, whiteboard, or cellphone for check-in.
  • Set your area suitable to meet all environmental requirements.
  • A proper dress code must be followed. Ears and face must be visible to the proctor.

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