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Student Progress Monitoring Resources for Families

Are you, as a parent or family member of a child, looking for information about student progress monitoring that will assist in your child’s efforts to meet his or her goals? Are you an administrator planning to implement student progress monitoring in your school or district? Or are you an educator looking for ways to communicate with families about student progress monitoring and how and why it is used in schools? This section offers resources about progress monitoring, written in family-friendly language, explaining the benefits of implementing student progress monitoring for the student, the teacher and the family.

photo: a young girl sitting at desk Student Progress Monitoring: What This Means for Your Child

What Is Curriculum-Based Measurement And What Does It Mean to My Child?

Fact Sheet: Benefits of Curriculum-Based Measurement

Curriculum-Based Measurement and Statewide Tests

What Can I Do to Make Sure My Child Receives the Benefits of CBM?

What is Student Progress Monitoring and How Will It Help Me?

Getting Started: How Do I Implement CBM in My School?

Integrating Student Progress Monitoring into Your Classroom:  The Teacher’s Perspective



Please feel free to download and share these resources. And let us know what you think. Send us an e-mail at telling us what you think about the resources, how you are using them, and what additional resources would be useful to you in the future.